Turmeric extracts (TEs) have been shown to be suitable as a pain treatment for human joint arthritis. In a pilot, randomized clinical trial, 68 individuals with mild/moderate knee joint pain (KJP) consumed a new formulation of water-soluble TEs and insoluble curcuminoids (B-Turmactive) or brewer’s yeast as a placebo for 1 week. Our hypothesis was that B-Turmactive would have a short-term analgesic effect on KJP measured by the self-reported Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC). After 3 days and 1 week, both treatments reduced pain when walking on a flat surface ( < .01), going up or down stairs ( < .001), and sitting or lying ( < .05), but only B-Turmactive reduced pain at night while in bed and in an upright standing position ( < .01). Concerning global KJP, it was reduced by both treatments after 3 days and 1 week of the intervention ( < .001), being less with B-Turmactive after 1 week ( = .012 vs. 3 weeks). Although no intertreatment differences were observed, only B-Turmactive decreased high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels ( = .045) at 1 week, which indicates a prompt analgesic effect mediated by a decrease in inflammatory status.