A 7 yr old male beagle was examined because of lethargy, anorexia, and cranial abdominal discomfort. Significant clinicopathologic abnormalities included severe liver enzyme elevations and hypercholesterolemia. Abdominal imaging identified vascular compromise of the left lateral liver lobe and a gallbladder mucocele. Following liver lobectomy and cholecystectomy, the dog’s clinical signs resolved, and liver enzymes substantially improved. Diffuse hepatocellular infarction and necrosis secondary to multifocal atherosclerosis was present on histopathology of the liver. Hypothyroidism was subsequently diagnosed. Restoration of euthyroidism with oral levothyroxine therapy resolved the remaining liver enzyme elevations and hypercholesterolemia. To the author’s knowledge, this is the first case report of hypothyroidism resulting in a clinically apparent and resolvable acute hepatopathy due to atherosclerosis. Clinicians should include atherosclerosis as a differential diagnosis for dogs with an acute hepatopathy and investigate dogs for hypothyroidism if atherosclerosis is diagnosed on liver biopsy.
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