Psychiatric symptoms may be a mode of the revelation of several endocrinopathies, but rarely in primary hyperaldosteronism, which can increase psychiatric comorbidity, as well as cardiovascular risk.
We report a case of a 26-year-old engineer, who suffered from atypical psychosis before being hospitalized for a state of agitation, he presented with high blood pressure and severe hypokalemia. An etiological assessment revealed a right adrenal adenoma, which was afterward resected, with a very good evolution.
In this association, a high-level of aldosterone and hypokalemia can be behind these manifestations that present in an atypical form. Treatment is medical by anti-aldosterone or surgical by resection of the adenoma, but the challenge now is to know if we can or not stop psychotropic treatment after the treatment of the adenoma. In our case, the treatment was stopped six months after the resection of the adenoma, with very good outcomes until now.
Despite the high prevalence of psychiatric illnesses, it is always necessary to look for the organic causes that may be behind these pathologies, especially if they are in atypical forms. LEARNING POINTS.

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