The use of current available treatment for male erectile dysfunction (ED) has some limitations that are related to efficacy and adverse effects. Nanotechnology has been used as a new tool in medicine to improve these limitations and new medications potentially to alleviate and cure ED.
To review the currently literature on new nano medications for ED based on scientific and clinical studies, efficacy, safety, mechanisms of action, and to identify gaps for future research.
A comprehensive literature review was conducted via Google Scholar, Science Direct, and PubMed on English publications using different keywords such as “erectile dysfunction”, “emerging treatments”, “nanotechnology”, and “herbal medicine”. The retrieved papers were organized into groups according to the sections covered in this review paper.
We reviewed novel ED treatments such as nanotechnological phosphodiesterase inhibitors, papaverine hydrochloride, sialorphin, adipose tissue-derived stem cells, sonic hedgehog, and herbal medicine.
Numerous preclinical studies have addressed novel phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors nanoparticle, and their recent delivery systems. Nitric oxide, sialorphin, sonic hedgehog, and herbal medicine loaded nanoparticles and nano adipose tissue-derived stem cells as a potential new treatment for ED. In addition, papaverine-containing nanoparticles have been reported. A limited number of randomized clinical studies have determined the mechanism of these treatments.
A literature review on the application of nanotechnology in ED therapy was successfully conducted. New nano medications are promising to treat ED. However, further studies are warranted to further assess their efficacy and safety. Masuku NP, Unuofin JO, Lebelo SL. Advances in Nanoparticle Delivery System for Erectile Dysfunction: An Updated Review. Sex Med 2021;XX:XXXXXX.

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