Non-Hodgkin’s B cell lymphomas (NHL) include a diverse set of neoplasms that constitute ∼90% of all lymphomas and the largest subset of blood cancers. While chemotherapy is the first line of treatment, the efficacy of contemporary chemotherapies is hampered by dose-limiting toxicities. Partly due to suboptimal dosing, ∼40% of patients exhibit relapsed or refractory disease. Therefore more efficacious drug delivery systems are urgently needed to improve survival of NHL patients. In this study we demonstrate a new drug delivery platform for NHL based on the plant virus Potato virus X (PVX). We observed a binding affinity of PVX towards malignant B cells. In a metastatic mouse model of NHL, we show that systemically administered PVX home to tissues harboring malignant B cells. When loaded with the chemotherapy monomethyl auristatin (MMAE), the PVX nanocarrier enables effective delivery of MMAE to human B lymphoma cells in a NHL mouse model leading to inhibition of lymphoma growth in vivo and improved survival. Thus, PVX nanoparticle is a promising drug delivery platform for B cell malignancies.