Agenesis of the vermiform appendix (AVA) is a very rare finding. The report aims to present a case of suspected acute appendicitis who lacked vermiform appendix during surgical exploration.
A 25-year-old pregnant lady was presented with abdominal pain for a period of 2 days. Her past history was unremarkable. After admission the pain exacerbated. Upon examination; there was tenderness and rebound tenderness in the right iliac fossa. Under general anesthesia the right iliac fossa was explored through right grid‑iron incision. No appendix could be found,. Two days after admission the patient was discharged in a good health.
Appendix has been considered as a vestigial organ with little or no relevant function. AVA shouldn’t be confused with the absence of appendix due to atrophy or any other causes. Usually, AVA is diagnosed in adults. There are no clinical manifestations that can clearly signify AVA prior to surgery, and the appendix has no regulatory function that can be identified in the serum.
The vermiform appendix is considered as a vestigial organ in the body, its congenital absence has rarely been observed and does not seem to have any known impact on the body’s function.

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