LactaMap is an online lactation care support system designed to assist general practitioners (GPs) caring for breastfeeding women and infants. The aim of this study was to qualitatively evaluate GPs’ experience of the prototype LactaMap website.
The study was conducted in Perth, Western Australia, with five GPs in 2018/2019 by integrating a Think Aloud protocol and a semi-structured interview. Data were transcribed and uploaded to ATLAS.ti 8 Qualitative Data Analysis Software. Descriptive coding was themed deductively and analysed.
All participants responded positively to the LactaMap website and indicated that it was valuable. A small number of critical usability issues were identified.
Integrating two qualitative approaches provided information about what may influence LactaMap’s adoption by GPs. The integrated data allowed evaluation of LactaMap as it is and also considered what might be possible, facilitating a customised lactation decision support tool for general practice.