OB/GYN residents’ preparedness to perform cystoscopy after residency may vary as the ACGME requires only 10 cystoscopic cases to be performed during training. Given residents’ potentially limited exposure to cystoscopy, supplemental educational activities centered around increasing familiarity with the procedure may be useful. The objective of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for OB/GYN residents to become more comfortable with cystoscopic equipment and performing cystoscopy.
We showed a video of common pathology seen on cystoscopy and then progressed through two hands-on stations. One station focused on equipment familiarity, with learners identifying equipment and then practicing assembling and disassembling the cystoscope. The other station allowed for simulated cystoscopy utilizing a pig bladder. We used a checklist assessment and pre- and postcourse surveys to evaluate familiarity with equipment and anxiety surrounding performing cystoscopy.
Twenty residents ranging from PGY 1s to PGY 4s who participated in this workshop over the past 2 years completed both pre- and postcourse evaluations. There was statistically significant improvement in ratings of familiarity with equipment and anxiety surrounding the procedure. All participants whom we assessed showed improvement in identifying and assembling equipment as well as in performing the steps of the procedure independently.
This workshop provided OB/GYN residents with an opportunity for hands-on cystoscopic experience. Through direct assessment and evaluation forms, the workshop was shown to be a beneficial activity for improving cystoscopic knowledge.

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