Telerehabilitation interventions administered via a smartphone may provide new feasible and effective rehabilitation options at home for patients with hip fracture. However, to date, no such interventions have been shown to be effective in the recovery key health outcomes of these patients. The present multicentre randomized controlled trial (RCT) aims to test the effect of the ActiveHip+ m-Health system in the recovery of physical performance, functional level, quality of life, and other health-related outcomes in both patients with hip fracture and their family caregivers. A total of 104 patients older than 65 years, with hip fracture, and their family caregivers will be randomized into the ActiveHip+ rehabilitation (N = 52) or the control group (N = 52). ActiveHip+ is a 12-week smartphone-based rehabilitation program conducted in Granada and Cádiz (Spain) that includes: (1) 24 sessions of physical exercise and 12 sessions of occupational therapy; (2) seven educational modules for patients and for caregivers; and (3) general recommendations in activities of daily living. The control group will receive the usual rehabilitation protocol offered by the Andalusian Public Healthcare System. The primary outcome is the patient’s physical performance, while the secondary outcomes are the patient’s functional level, quality of life, pain, fear of falling, fitness perception, pre-fracture functional level, emotional status, and caregiver burden. The present project will substantially contribute to the existing knowledge by testing for the first time the efficacy and feasibility of a multidisciplinary m-Health system in the rehabilitation of patients with hip fracture.
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