To understand and explore the risk factors of the death of lymphoma patients from cardiovascular disease. The medical records and death information of 1 173 patients with lymphoma were collected, cases that died from cardiovascular disease were screened. A binary logistic regression model was used to analyze the independent risk factors of patients with lymphoma died from cardiovascular disease. Among 1 173 patients with lymphoma, 75 (6.4%) died of cardiovascular disease, including 27 cases of coronary heart disease, 25 cases of stroke, 7 cases of hypertension, 5 cases of sudden cardiac death, 4 cases of pulmonary embolism, 3 cases of heart failure, 4 cases of others. Among the patients who survived for more than 5 years, 16.1% (35/217) died of cardiovascular disease. Among those who survived for more than 10 years, 11.7% (7/60) died of cardiovascular disease. Multivariate Logistic regression analysis showed that the primary site of lymphoma (=0.521, =0.039), stage (stage Ⅱ: =2.487, =0.016; stage Ⅲ: =3.233, =0.002) and cardiovascular toxicity in the course of diagnosis and treatment (=3.019, =0.001) are independent influencing factors for the death of cardiovascular disease in patients with lymphoma. Patients whose primary sites of lymphoma were lymph nodes had lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, while the patients with stage Ⅱ to Ⅲ stage and cardiovascular toxicity during diagnosis and treatment had higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is an important factor affecting the survival of patients with lymphoma. With the extension of survival time, the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease increases significantly. The primary site, tumor stage, and cardiovascular toxicity that occur during the diagnosis and treatment may be the independent influencing factors for patients with lymphoma that die from cardiovascular disease.