To understand the use of drug and its related factors among men who have sex with men, and to provide reference for the development of reasonable intervention measures. MSM was recruited from Jinan and Qingdao by means of on-site and internet recruiting from March to June in 2016. Anonymous questionnaires were conducted and HIV and syphilis serological tests were performed. The questionnaire included the general situation, sexual behavior, HIV related services and so on. Multi-factor unconditioned logistic regression model was used to explore related factors about rush poppers use. The rush poppers use rate of 901 MSM was 30.1%(271/901), the age was (29.3±8.1) years, the HIV infection rate was 4.6% (41/901) and the syphilis infection rate was 8.7% (78/901). Multivariate analysis showed that compared with those who were>25 years old, the (95%) of those who were ≤ 25 years old was 1.571 (1.110-2.224); compared with the number of anal sexual behavior was<2 times in the last week, the (95%) of those whose number of anal sexual behavior was ≥2 times was 2.991 (1.100-8.132); compared with those who had not received peer education services in the last year, the (95%) of those who received peer education services was 13.651 (7.239-25.742). Rush poppers are very popular in the MSM crowd, and those who aged less than 25 years old, who had anal sex more than twice in the past week, and who had received peer education services were more likely to use rush poppers. We should carry out targeted interventions according to the characteristics.