Blood vessel sprouting from pre-existing vessels or angiogenesis plays a significant role in tumour progression. Development of novel biomolecules from marine natural sources has a promising role in drug discovery specifically in the area of antiangiogenic chemotherapeutics. Symbiotic actinomycetes from marine origin proved to be potent and valuable sources of antiangiogenic compounds. Zebrafish represent a well-established model for small molecular screening and employed to study tumour angiogenesis over the last decade. Use of zebrafish has increased in the laboratory due to its various advantages like rapid embryo development, optically transparent embryos, large clutch size of embryos and most importantly high genetic conservation comparable to humans. Zebrafish also shares similar physiopathology of tumour angiogenesis with humans and with these advantages, zebrafish has become a popular model in the past decade to study on angiogenesis related disorders like diabetic retinopathy and cancer. This review focuses on the importance of antiangiogenic compounds from marine actinomycetes and utility of zebrafish in cancer angiogenesis research.
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