In medical centers and hospitals one of the most dangers that threaten health care worker and patient are Nosocomial infections (NIs) and Needle stick injuries (NSIs). The aim of this study was to determination the effects of nosocomial infection and needle sticks injuries on patents and health care worker. A review study of literature was conducted to One thousand and fifty manuscripts were retrieved based on various databases: Elsevier, PubMed, Web of Science, Springer, and Google Scholar. Reporting data were used on predetermined consequences nosocomial infection and needle sticks injuries and related to adverse health effects, routes of transmission, control and reduction. The literature signs a notable undesirable affect from potential NI and NSIs attributed to risk investigated among patents and health care worker. Based on Result this study, the resistance of antibiotics, non-standard personal protective equipment, and Needle recapping can endanger health of human and increase transfer infectious disease risk among exposed patients and health care worker. Useful for health system decision makers and political officials in order to cope with the incidence of nosocomial infections and decrease number of needle stick injuries among patients and health care worker can be the main application the results of this study. Increasing the level of awareness, especially of sensitive groups (patients and HCW), about the ways to prevent nosocomial infections and reduce needle sticks and proper use of personal protective equipment are the main vital managers of the health department actions for decrease the prevalence of NIs. Further research using more sophisticated methodology is warranted. Holding regular and periodic training workshops in connection with standard precautions and prevention of occurrence nosocomial infection and needle sticks injuries can play an important role in increasing the health of patents and health care worker.
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