The present study aimed to evaluate the cell-mediated and the humoral immune response to Romanian sheep pox vaccine in pregnant cows (n = 12) vaccinated at different times of gestation period and the duration of maternal immunity in calves born to these cows. Evaluation of cellular immunity revealed an increase in lymphocytic proliferation that peaked at 10th day post vaccination (dpv) then gradually decreased. Capripoxvirus-specific antibodies were detected by SNT and ELISA in sera collected from vaccinated dams and also in calves born to these cows. In cows, the antibody titers persisted above the protective level till the seventh month post-vaccination. Passively transferred antibody titers in newly born calves started from the first week after parturition and persisted in a protective level until 2, 3 or 4 months of ages in calves born to cows vaccinated at ≤4th, 4.5:6th, or >6:8th months of pregnancy respectively. Results proved that the average neutralizing antibody titers did not differ between pregnant cows vaccinated at different times of gestation period however, the longevity of maternally derived antibodies depends on the pregnancy stage at which the dam receive vaccine.
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