Hip fracture prevention is an essential component in elderly patient care. History of prior fracture is a significant risk factor for subsequent hip fracture. There are variable rates of treatment for these groups of patients. The aims of this study were to make an assessment of how many hip fracture patients over a 1 year period had a previous fracture and to assess whether or not these patients were on anti-osteoporotic medication.
Assessment on whether or not patients had a prior fracture using the national radiology imaging system checking radiology reports for all previous imaging performed. Checking patients bone health status using the hip fracture database for our hospital.
There were 225 hip fractures in 221 patients over a 1-year period. About 42.6% of females and 35.9% of males had a history of previous fracture. Vertebral fractures were the most common type of fracture. We found 7% of patients had a contralateral hip fracture. There were 81% of patients with prior fracture, and 71% of those without prior fracture were on anti-osteoporotic medication.
Vertebral fractures were the most common preceding fracture in hip fracture patients. There were many patients with a history of fragility fractures that were not on preventative medication. Overall there were good prescription rates of anti-osteoporotic medication. There were significantly higher rates of prescription amongst females compared with males.