Universally, asthma has high prevalence rates and this has led numerous studies done into its causes. Despite extensive study on asthma the association between 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D (25(OH) vit. D) and asthma remains uncertain. In this study, the associations of 25(OH) vit. D levels with asthma and with the severity of asthma were evaluated.
This was a case-control study performed in 2015 in the city of Isfahan. In this study 520 children were studied. Children with asthma were classified as cases and children who were referred for reasons other than respiratory problems and asthma were considered as controls. Serum 25 (OH) vit. D levels were then examined and compared between the two groups. Differences among groups were stated to be statistically significant when -values < 0.05.
There were 260 asthmatic children and 260 controls in the present study. The mean 25 (OH) vit. D levels in the case group was 25.5 ± 16.62 and  16.76 ± 31.40 the control group and this difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05). 25(OH) vit. D levels were found to be 28.05 ± 16.98 in non-severe asthma and 21.41 ± 15.20 in severe asthma. Consequently 25(OH) vit. D level had inverse relationship with asthma severity (P = 0.002).
As the results of this study showed, the lower level of 25(OH) vit. D correlated with the higher severity of asthma manifestations. Therefore, it is recommended that 25(OH) vit. D levels get routinely checked especially in severe asthma cases and if the deficiency presents, appropriate therapeutic measures be used to reduce the asthma severity.

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