Determine the association between concussion and subsequent contact, non-contact, and overuse lower extremity (LE) injuries in a cohort of adolescent athletes. Secondarily, to identify this association between males and females.
Summer athletic events with participants ages 12-18.
Anonymous survey included sport-related injuries (injury month/year) and participants classified injuries as a contact, non-contact, overuse injury, or concussion. Multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to examine associations between a concussion event and a subsequent LE injury while controlling for age and any previous LE injury.
A concussion was reported in 219 athletes (Female = 96, 44%) and were matched with 219 non-concussed athletes (438 total participants). Concussion was not association with a specific injury mechanism but was significant for any subsequent LE injury (OR = 1.58 95%CI = [1.03-2.41]; p < 0.05). Concussed females were more likely to report any subsequent LE injury compared to non-concussed female athletes (2.49[1.31, 4.74]; p  0.5).
A history of concussion was associated with any subsequent LE injury, but not associated with a specific mechanism of injury. The association with concussion and a subsequent LE injury was different between males and females.

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