The ADHEAR device, a new nonsurgical bone conduction hearing device, has been developed for patients with conductive hearing loss.
This study aims to assess the impact of the ADHEAR device on the audiological performance and satisfaction level in subjects with conductive hearing loss.
Twelve patients with conductive hearing loss were included. All patients received the device for 3 months. The audiological outcomes were determined using basic audiological assessments, including pure tone audiometry and sound field measurements of pure tone and speech audiometry with the contralateral ear occluded with a specific earplug. Additionally, the patients were subjectively evaluated using (1) the Speech, Spatial, and Qualities Questionnaire (SSQ), and (2) the custom-made ADHEAR questionnaire.
Analysis of the measured audiological outcomes revealed an average improvement in pure tone thresholds (functional gain) of 23 (± 4.4) dB HL when the ADHEAR system was used compared to the unaided condition in the sound field. Moreover, speech reception thresholds improved by an average of 23 (± 15.3) dB SPL in the aided condition with plugged contralateral ear. Additionally, when using ADHEAR in the sound field, subjects’ speech recognition scores improved by 32% (± 17.7) in quiet and 21% (± 15.1) in the presence of interfering noise. The average SSQ questionnaire scores improved from 3.9 at the study initiation to 6.6 after 3 months of device usage. ADHEAR custom questionnaire assessments revealed high satisfaction and acceptance of the device with no pain or skin irritation.
During the study period, this new adhesive system yielded improved audiological outcomes with high patient satisfaction and acceptance and no reported skin irritation or pain.

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