This medical education quasi-randomized controlled trial (quasi-RCT), involving 97 developmental-behavioral pediatrics fellows across the United States, examined differential effects of 2 autism-focused, online, interactive case-based trainings on shared decision-making (SDM).
An intervention case provided direct teaching about SDM, addressing autism treatment options. A comparison case focused on evidence-based practice (EBP) related to medication use in autism with no specific SDM teaching. Measured outcomes included self-reported SDM and attitudes toward concordance in medication-prescribing.
After the intervention, both groups showed significantly increased SDM, but not medication-prescribing concordance (controlling for trainee level, autism patient numbers, and past SDM training).
This quasi-RCT presents evidence that knowledge of SDM in care of children with autism can be enhanced by online case-based training focused either indirectly on evidence-based practice or directly on SDM. Consistent online SDM training can be provided to all trainees, irrespective of the location.

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