This study aimed to review the clinical characteristics of patients with Aerococcus spp. detected by blood culture, and drug susceptibility of Aerococcus spp. All cases of Aerococcus spp. determined using blood culture between June 2013 and May 2020 in a single institution were included; patient information (age, sex, comorbidities, outcome, diagnosis, antimicrobial agents) was analyzed. The cohort comprised 25 patients (18 [72%] men and 7 [28%] women; median age, 84.5 [range, 75-87] years). Thirteen (52%) patients had urinary tract infections(UTI) caused by Aerococcus spp. All patients had a favorable prognosis, except 1 who died owing to infective endocarditis. Drug susceptibility testing showed that most isolates were susceptible to β-lactams except 1. However, 24 (96%) cases were resistant to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole and 10 (40%) to quinolones. Aerococcus spp. are important causative agents of bacteremia and UTI. The increasing reports of Aerococcus spp. infections could lead to better treatment schemes and facilitate diagnosis.
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