BAY 81-8973 (Kovaltry ), a full-length, unmodified, recombinant human factor VIII, provided excellent bleeding control for patients with haemophilia A in the pivotal 1-year LEOPOLD I trial. The LEOPOLD I extension evaluated long-term efficacy and safety of BAY 81-8973 prophylaxis.
After completing LEOPOLD I, patients continued receiving 20-50 IU/kg BAY 81-8973 two or three times weekly in the extension. Outcomes included annualised bleeding rate (ABR) and haemostasis during surgery.
Fifty-five patients aged 12-65 years participated in the extension. Median (range) exposure days during the 2-year total study period was 309 (115-355). No patient switched regimens. Median (Q1; Q3) ABR for all bleeds was 2.0 (1.0; 6.1) during the pivotal study, 2.0 (0.0; 5.2) during the extension, and 2.0 (0.5; 5.5) combined. The proportion of joint bleeds affecting target joints decreased (pivotal study: 90.9%, extension: 60.0%). Haemostasis was assessed as excellent/good in all five major surgeries. One serious adverse event (myocardial infarction) occurred in a patient with cardiovascular risk factors. No patients developed inhibitors.
BAY 81-8973 prophylaxis efficacy outcomes in the pivotal study were maintained or, in the case of joint protection, improved during the extension, with a safety and tolerability profile consistent with previous experience.

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