Bioactive 3D printed scaffolds are promising candidates for bone tissue engineering (BTE) applications. Here, we introduce a bioactive ink composed of Bioglass 45S5 (BG) and methacrylated collagen (CMA) for 3D printing of biomimetic constructs that resemble the organic and inorganic composition of native bone tissue. A uniform dispersion of BG particles within the collagen network improved stability and reduced swelling of collagen hydrogels. Rheological testing showed significant improvement in the yield stress and percent recovery of 3D printed constructs upon BG incorporation. Further, addition of BG improved the bone bioactivity of 3D printed constructs in stimulated body fluid. BG incorporated CMA (BG-CMA) constructs maintained high cell viability and enhanced alkaline phosphatase activity of human mesenchymal stem cells. In addition, cell-mediated calcium deposition was significantly higher on BG-CMA constructs, compared to CMA alone. In conclusion, 3D printed BG-CMA constructs have significant potential for use in BTE applications.
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