A new device allows patients with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose using a smartphone.  Smartphone applications that assist people with myriad aspects of their lives seem to be emerging hourly, so it was only a matter of time before they permeated healthcare. iBGStar® is a new blood glucose meter for iPhones or iPod touch that fits seamlessly into busy lifestyles.

Patients first diagnosed with diabetes typically have to check their blood often, and those with long-established diabetes may have to check multiple times a day, depending on many factors such as the number of insulin doses they’re prescribed. Blood glucose meters can help guide patients when selecting foods, portions, exercise, and medication doses.

The innovative  iBGStar® attachment connects to the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing patients to view and analyze accurate, reliable information. The application accompanying the device will keep track of blood glucose, carbs intake, and insulin dose, as well as enabling patients to input data and specific notes for personalized information. This may help physicians analyze patterns and variations to make better-informed diabetes management decisions.

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