We studied bone marrow plasma (BMP) cytokines in severe aplastic anemia (SAA) patients and healthy volunteers to investigate differences in the cytokine profiles between them and propose a cytokine signature of SAA.
A Bio-Plex suspension array system was used to measure 27 analytes in BMP samples from 47 SAA patients and 30 healthy donors.
Compared to healthy people, SAA patients had higher levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF- (TNF- (IFN- (IFN- (MIP-1 (MIP-1 (TNF- (TNF- (MIP-1 (MIP-1 (MIP-1 (IFN- (TNF.
The current study demonstrated distinct cytokine profiles among untreated SAA patients, recovering SAA (RSAA) patients, and healthy people. The cytokines of RSAA patients showed similar characteristics to those of untreated SAA patients and healthy people, respectively, which may reflect that the immune status of RSAA patients is in different stages of recovery after IST; thus, it may provide an important tool in diagnosing and evaluating or predicting curative effects in clinics.

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