At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many senior patients in the USC-Keck Family Medicine clinics were limited or lacking in telemedicine participation. Three factors contributed: lack of video-enabled devices, technological literacy, and/or absence of Wi-Fi connectivity. We addressed the first 2 of these factors. Via phone contact, 9 patients agreed to receive donated Android or Apple devices and to trial instruction manuals for use. Donated equipment and instructions were prepared and delivered in accordance with pandemic guidelines. Follow-up calls indicated that 4 participants were able to set up their devices and 3 of whom had connected with their providers. The remaining 5 participants had not set up their devices by the end of the follow-up period, had difficulty with device setup, accessing applications necessary for telemedicine, or had limited access to Wi-Fi. This project highlights some telemedicine barriers that senior patients may overcome with the additional support of care providers.
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