With 5-year survival rates after breast cancer therapy exceeding 90%, comprehensive follow-up care is a vital component of the treatment plan for patients who have completed active therapy. While radiation oncologists are generally comfortable with management of the locoregional toxicities of breast cancer radiotherapy, many may be less familiar with the toxicities and available interventions associated with surgery, chemotherapy, and anti-endocrine therapy. For radiation oncologists to provide the greatest value to their patients and play a meaningful role in breast cancer patients’ follow-up care, multi-system assessment and management, beyond the breast/chest and axilla, is key. This guide is intended as an educational and practical tool to assist any oncology caregiver with a thorough multisystem assessment and management of the most common survivorship issues for the treated breast cancer patient. Hyperlinks to published data supporting or summarizing the intervention are provided for further reading in the on-line version, along with sample Follow Up Note and After Visit Summary templates.
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