The foreign body reaction caused by oil contrast medium, Lipiodol, is rare. We present a rare case of inflammatory granuloma in the inguinal hernia sac after hysterosalpingography with lipiodol.
A 30-year-old woman who had left inguinal growing mass for 7 months after hysterosalpingography with Lipiodol for examination of infertile. About 3 cm soft mass was palpable on the left inguinal region, and plane CT scan showed a multifocal cystic mass with metal concentration. Thus, laparoscopic herniorrhaphy was performed to repair the inguinal hernia and to confirm the contents of cystic lesion. The hernia sac filled with mucinous contents. Pathological examination revealed that inflammatory granuloma due to numerous lipid droplets and phagocytic images of leukocytes in the hernia capsule.
Although oil contrast medium is safety agent, there is rear complication which need the surgical treatment. Complete resection of granuloma, including hernia sac, is important to prevent recurrence.

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