2017 HIV/AIDS Statistics – Facts on Rates, Cost & More

In the 1980s, at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, more than 59,000 Americans lost their lives to this brutal disease. The $146.6 billion that federal funding

2017 Diabetes Facts & Statistics

Diabetes costs the U.S. economy over $245 billion per year, making it the country’s most expensive disease. But the damage obviously extends well beyond dollars and cents.

Infographic: The Role of Nurse Leadership in Today’s Healthcare Industry

A nurse practitioner degree not only sets NPs apart from their peers, but also makes NPs a leader among other nurses. As a leader, NPs are responsible for inspiring

Infographic: Our Growing Resistance to Antibiotics | News Brief

The development of antibiotics in the 20th century was revolutionary. For the first time in history, we were equipped to combat previously incurable infectious diseases such as

Infographic: 2017’s Best & Worst States for Nurses | News Brief

Wallethub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 18 key metrics that collectively speak to the nursing-job opportunities in each market. Below, you can

Infographic: Our Growing Resistance to Antibiotics | News Brief

  Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat and limits our ability to prevent and treat an increasing amount of infections caused by bacteria. According to the CDC,

EHRs: Pros & Cons – Infographic | News Brief

Doctors overwhelming agree that they are more proficient with the EHRs today vs 3 years ago. But there are both pros and cons to EHR use.

Infographic: Female vs. Male Nurses and Their Salaries | Feature

The prevalence of female nurses isn’t anything new in the United States. There are currently 3.2 million active professional female nurses across the country. According to a

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3… | Feature

A national survey measuring physician views on unnecessary tests and procedures has found the following.

Medical Tourism – Infographic | Feature

Of 9 common procedures evaluated in a study of 11 developed countries, U.S. prices were significantly higher, costing more than 40% than the global average.

Show Me the Money – Infographic | Feature

Nearly 20,000 physicians across 25 specialties responded to Medscape’s 2015 Compensation Survey. Here are some of the highlights:

Preparing for Avian Influenza Outbreaks – Infographic | Feature

Disability Among the Elderly | Feature

The following depicts the population aged 65 and older by number of disabilities and age, based on data from 2008 to 2012.

Life Expectancy in 2013 | Feature

Life expectancy at birth represents the average number of years that a group of infants would live if the group was to experience throughout life the age-specific

Help Is Only a Text Away | Feature

In our article, Tackling Binge Drinking with Text Messages, Brian Suffoletto, MD, MS, discusses the efficacy of a 12-week SMS intervention that was designed specifically for younger

When Push Comes to Shove – Infographic | Feature

In a poll conducted by SERMO, the leading online community for doctors, over 2,200 physicians responded:

TKA vs THA – Infographic | Feature

Comparing knee and hip arthroplasties—a look at prevalence and reimbursement rates.

Are You Prone to Overuse? – Infographic | Feature

A look at healthcare spending and the costs of overused diagnostic testing.

Measles in America | Feature

From January 1 to August 2014, there were nearly 600 confirmed measles cases reported to CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Where Elderly Disabled Americans Live | Feature

The following depicts the share of the top nine states among the total population aged 65 and older with a disability, based on data from 2008 to

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