No Evidence Use of SEP-1 Bundle Ups Survival in Sepsis

Neither the sepsis management bundle nor its interventions improve survival for adults with sepsis

Odds of ARDS Up After Cardiac Surgery During Flu Season

Cardiac surgery during flu season is independent risk factor for acute respiratory distress syndrome

Low Dose-Rate Far-UVC Light Can Inactivate Influenza Virus

Far-UVC at 222-nm light can inactivate aerosolized viruses; >95 percent of H1N1 influenza inactivated

GI Surgical Site Infections Higher in Low-Income Countries

Infection risk highest in countries with low income, low Human Development Index

Four Best Practices Outlined to Prevent Health Care Cyberattacks

Health care execs should ID potential inefficiencies in cybersecurity, ensure systems backed up

EHRs Not Sufficient to Ensure Success in Value-Based Care

EHRs do not necessarily capture information needed; interoperability is poor, analytics are incomplete

Opioid Use Linked to Risk of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease

Strongest associations seen for opioids that were long acting, of high potency, and used at high doses

Top Consumer Concerns Reported About Physicians

Concerns relate to time with physicians; technology detracting from patient care; rising costs

Poll: Personal Beliefs Shouldn’t Allow Doctors to Refuse to Treat

Majority surveyed don’t believe health care workers should be able to refuse services based on beliefs

Depressed Rural HIV Patients May Benefit From Therapy Via Phone

Telephone-administered interpersonal psychotherapy associated with fewer depressive symptoms

Sustained Viral Suppression Lower Among Blacks With HIV

Compared with Hispanics and whites, blacks also have longer periods with viral load >1,500 copies/mL

2018 Immunization Schedule Issued for U.S. Children

No changes made to the schedule, but changes in footnotes, including third mumps dose in outbreak

USPSTF Recommends Screening for Syphilis in Pregnancy

Draft recommendation indicates considerable net benefit to screening for syphilis infection

Anti-Vaccination Attitudes Linked to Belief in Conspiracies

Findings may highlight root beliefs that motivate and sustain vaccine skepticism

2018 Immunization Schedule Issued for U.S. Adults

ACIP recommends recombinant zoster vaccine for adults over 50, extra MMR dose in mumps outbreak

Low Rates of Abx Prophylaxis for Pediatric Sickle Cell

Only 18 percent of children with sickle cell anemia received ≥300 days of antibiotics

Zika Virus Infection Linked to Uteroplacental Pathology

ZIKV infection causes placental inflammation and decreases oxygen reserve, oxygen permeability

Humanities Exposure Positively Impacts Medical Students

Findings may influence future medical school recruitment, curricula

Patient, Provider Characteristics Tied to Unnecessary Antibiotic Rx

Advanced practice practitioners may be more likely to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics

Factors Identified That Impact Physicians IT Adoption

Key facilitators of digital health adoption include resources and training, access to accurate data

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