Letermovir Prophylaxis Cuts Risk of CMV Infection

Significantly lower risk of clinically significant CMV infection after hematopoietic-cell transplant

Link Between Diabetes, Antibiotic Use Called Into Question

Clinical, lifestyle factors may have confounded previous findings linking antibiotics, diabetes risk

CVS-Aetna Merger Has Implications for Doctors’ Offices

More health services will likely move out of doctors’ offices to store-based providers

Nivolumab May Induce Successful Depletion of HIV Reservoir

Case report describes smoker with HIV infection receiving nivolumab for non-small-cell lung cancer

Incidence of HIV Dropped From 1999 to 2016 in Uganda

Drop in incidence coincided with increases in ART coverage, male circumcision, teens not having sex

Fecal Microbial Transplant by Oral Capsule Noninferior for CDI

FMT by capsule noninferior to FMT by colonoscopy for prevention of recurrent C. difficile infection

Sex, Race, Age Disparities in Survival for HPV-Linked Cancer

Whites have consistently higher five-year survival than blacks for all cancers across all age groups

Practice Variation in Treatment for Bronchiolitis in Infants

Variation in evidence-based supportive therapies by site, ranging from 6 to 99 percent

Risk of ≥CIN3 Drops With Negative HPV, Cytology Co-Tests

Decrease in 5-year ≥CIN3 risks after each successive negative round of HPV, cytology co-testing

Escalation Noted in Incidence of Scarlet Fever in England

Three-fold increase in rates between 2013 and 2014, with further increases in 2015, 2016

Value-Based Payment Modifier Not Tied to Practice Performance

Performance differences between practices narrowed after adjustment for patient characteristics

Clinician Denial of Patient Requests Impacts Satisfaction

Worse satisfaction in association with denial of request for referral, pain meds, other meds, lab tests

CDC: HIV Being Diagnosed Sooner After Infection

Increase in percentage of people at increased risk for HIV who reported getting an HIV test in past year

Clinician Suspicion Minimally Accurate for Lyme Disease

12 percent of the children clinicians thought were unlikely to have Lyme disease had Lyme disease

New Workflows Have Potential to Address Provider Burnout

Change fatigue is the leading cause of care team burnout, yet new solutions needed

Essay Adds to Discourse on Impact of Suggestive Jokes

Authors say commonplace suggestive jokes normalize, dismiss sexual misconduct experiences

Considerable Costs Incurred in Response to Single Measles Cases

Public health costs of disease investigation for two single measles cases estimated at $49,769, $18,423

Maternal GDM Tied to Child’s Cardiometabolic Profile

Female offspring of mothers with gestational diabetes have earlier onset of puberty than controls

Female Physicians’ Spouses More Likely to Work

May explain need for female physicians to make more personal and professional adjustments

Raw Flour Can Be Source of Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli

On trace-back investigation, flour production facility ID’d as common point of contamination

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