Pregnancy toxemia (PT) is considered one of the most common metabolic diseases with high impact on the production of small ruminants. The objective of this study was investigate possible myocardial damage in goats affected with PT by the determination of serum myocardial biomarkers CK-MB and cTnI. A total of 44 goats affected with PT, and 10 apparently healthy goats (control group or CG) were used in the study. In goats with PT, the serum concentrations of cTnI (0.43 ng/mL) were significantly higher than that in CG goats (0.06 ng/mL). Although CK-MB showed no significant difference, it was approximately three times higher in animals with PT. The serum concentrations of insulin were significantly lower in PT goats (5.03 ppmol/L) compared to CG goats (10.66 pmol/L). The serum concentrations of cortisol in PT goats (155.41 nmol/L) were significantly higher than that in CG goats (36.58 nmol/L). Results of this study indicate that a clinically significant myocardial damage might occur in goats affected with PT leading to significant elevations in values of cTnI and CK-MB. Therefore, these parameters could be used as a potential prognostic indicator in goats affected with this important disease.
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