To investigate the changes in refractive status of amblyopic patients with partially refractive esotropia (PAET).
Amblyopic patients with PAET were enrolled. Non-amblyopic patients with full refractive accommodative esotropia (RAET) were included in the study as a control group. Preoperative and postoperative best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), spherical equivalent (SE), astigmatism, stereoacuity, and deviations at near and distance were evaluated and statistically compared within the study group. Mean BCVA, SE, astigmatism were compared between the two groups.
The patient and the control groups were composed of 58 eyes of 29 patients per group. There were statistically significant differences between pre- and postoperative mean astigmatism and SE between the patient and control groups. The mean astigmatism was higher in amblyopic eyes when compared with the eyes in the control group (P:0.009). During the follow-up period, changes in SE and astigmatism were not different between groups.
The mean SE and astigmatism were changed in both amblyopic patients with PAET and non-amblyopic patients with RAET during the follow-up period. This suggested that neither amblyopia nor strabismus surgery has an effect on refractive status in patients with PAET.

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