Childbirth is major event in the life of closer and extended family. The aim of this study is to explore sex desire after childbirth and challenges for usual rhythm of intercourse.
We studied 113 women who filled up questionnaire at the follow up examination. Inclusion criteria were: all women were secundigravidae and time between pregnancies was more than a year. Women anonymously filled out a survey with question on the time before first intercourse after delivery, frequency of sexual intercourse after delivery, sexual desire after delivery, sexual desire of partner after delivery, reasons for postponing sexual intercourse after delivery and frequency of intercourse in the first year after delivery.
Most women had same number of intercourse after delivery like before pregnancy (Hi-square test: χ(2)=22.04, p<0.0001). Significant proportion of women find their partners sexual desire to be the same like in the pre-pregnancy period (Hi-square test: χ(2)=64.64, p<0.0001). Most women had intercourse once a week (several times a month) during first year after delivery (Hi-square test: χ(3)=91.93, p<0.001). Fatigue, sleep deprivation, bad mood and lack of time are the most common reasons for intercourse postponement. Most women find life conditions to be very good. They do not find that they neglect their children and partners find them attractive.
Sex life after delivery is still taboo in most countries. Women should have the information that sex life after delivery will turn to normal after a certain time.