To determine if student pharmacists’ confidence in their knowledge and skills, and their attitudes toward older adults improved throughout pharmacy school with an integrated geriatrics didactic curriculum (years 1-3) and a final year of clinical training including a required advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) in geriatrics (year 4). A two-part voluntary anonymous survey was administered at three different time points to two large cohorts of student pharmacists. The first part of the survey assessed students’ confidence in attaining geriatrics competencies. The second part of the survey used the UCLA Geriatrics Attitudes Scale to assess students’ attitudes. Of the 286 students who were emailed the survey, 236 student pharmacists completed it at the first assessment. Student pharmacists showed an increase in confidence in achieving geriatrics competencies from their first year to their third year, and further increase after their clinical training. Most students also held a generally positive attitude toward older adults from P1 to P4 year. Integration of geriatrics throughout the didactic and experiential curriculum made an impact on student pharmacists’ confidence in their competency toward caring for older adults, while maintaining a positive attitude toward older adults throughout pharmacy school.