In this study, primary and immortalized bovine intestinal epithelial cells (BIECs) were characterized for the expression of surface carbohydrate moieties. Primary BIEC-c4 cells showed staining greater than 90 % for 16 lectins but less than 50 % staining for four lectins. Immortalized BIECs showed significantly different lectin binding profile for few lectins compared to BIEC-c4 cells. BIEC-c4 cells were studied for infectivity to E. coli, Salmonella enterica, bovine rotavirus, bovine coronavirus, and bovine viral diarrhea virus. Bovine strain E. coli B41 adhered to BIEC-c4 cells and Salmonella strains S. Dublin and S. Mbandaka showed strong cell invasion. BIEC-c4 cells were susceptible to bovine rotavirus. LPS stimulation upregulated IL-10, IL-8, and IL-6 expression and Poly I:C upregulated TLR 8 and TLR 9 expression. This study provides important knowledge on the glycoconjugate expression profile of primary and immortalized BIECs and infectivity and immune responses of primary BIECs to bacterial and viral pathogens or ligands.
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