According to ceRNA theory, circular RNAs could regulate certain protein expression through targeting corresponding microRNAs to affect the progression of multiple diseases, including colorectal cancer. CircTP53 (hsa_circ_0107702), highly expressed in thyroid cancer tissues, could promote the proliferation of thyroid cancer. However, the function of circTP53 in colorectal cancer is still unclear. In our study, we found circTP53 was significantly up-regulated in colorectal cancer tissues from patients and in colorectal cell lines. Next, using colorectal cell lines, we confirmed that circTP53 promoted the proliferation, migration and invasion, and reduced the apoptotic rate. Furthermore, through bioinformatics analysis and experimental confirmation, we found circTP53 functioned as the sponge of miR-876-3p, and miR-876-3p reversed the phenotype of circTP53 on the facilitation of colorectal cancer. Additionally, we found circTP53 promoted the progression of colorectal cancer by elevating the expression of CDKL3. At last, we suggested that circTP53 knockdown could inhibit colorectal cancer progression in vivo. In conclusion, circTP53 was highly expressed in colorectal cancer tissues, and promoted colorectal cancer progression via modulating miR-876-3p/CDKL3 axis.
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