We aimed to evaluate the correlation of circular RNA La-related RNA-binding protein 4 (circ-LARP4) with tumor characteristics and prognosis, and its effect on chemosensitivity in breast cancer.
Circ-LARP4 from tumor and adjacent tissues of 283 female breast cancer patients underwent resection was detected by reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). Tumor features, disease-free survival (DFS), and overall survival (OS) were recorded. In vitro, circ-LARP4 in human normal mammary epithelial cells (HMEC) and breast cancer cell lines was detected by RT-qPCR. MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells were transfected with circ-LARP4 overexpression plasmid (as OE-Circ group) and control overexpression plasmid (as OE-Control group). Relative cell viability under different concentrations of doxorubicin was measured.
Circ-LARP4 was decreased in tumor tissues than adjacent tissues (P < .001). Tumor circ-LARP4 negatively correlated with tumor size (P = .001), T stage (P = .009), N stage (P = .006), and TNM stage (P < .001), whereas positively correlated with DFS (P = .004) and OS (P < .001). In vitro, circ-LARP4 was decreased MCF-7, BT474, MDA-MB-231, and MDA-MB-468 cell lines than HMEC (all P < .001). Relatively cell viability of MCF-7 cells (at 20 nmol/L [P < .05], 40 nmol/L [P < .01], 80 nmol/L [P < .05] of doxorubicin) and MDA-MB-231 cells (at 120 nmol/L [P < .05], 240 nmol/L [P < .05] of doxorubicin) was decreased in OE-Circ group than OE-Control group. IC value of doxorubicin was decreased in OE-Circ group than OE-Control group in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines (both P < .01).
Circ-LARP4 was a potential prognostic biomarker, which might improve the management of breast cancer.

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