Hypertrophic scars are a common disease in plastic surgery, which is the reaction of skin connective tissue to trauma beyond the normal range. Although scholars around the world have explored the tissue structure and formation mechanism of HS for decades, they are not satisfactory the result of. No effective treatment has been found. Therefore, the search for safe and effective treatments for HS has always been the focus of medical attention and research. Acupuncture therapy has a definite effect on HS and has unique advantages.
In this study, we will use our own front-to-back clinical research method. We plan to include 120 young and middle-aged female patients who meet the diagnostic criteria for HS. The untreated HS of the enrolled patients will be used as blank controls. The intervention group will be given acupuncture treatment. The assessment of scar area, color, hardness, thickness, itching and pain will be recorded for 30 days of treatment.
This trial may provide evidence regarding the clinical effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of Acupuncture for patients with HS.
ClinicalTrials.gov, ChiCTR2000032624, Registered on 04 May 2020.