Vertebral compression fractures can cause severe back pain. Although many types of analgesics and interventional treatments are available, they are sometimes ineffective in mitigating the pain. We encountered a case where clonazepam was effective for the management of severe low back pain caused by lumbar vertebral compression fractures.
A 44-year-old male was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and had vertebral compression fractures of the first and second lumbar vertebrae. He had been suffering from severe low back pain on movement with muscle spasm and pain-associated anxiety. We considered this breakthrough low back pain to be caused by facet joint pain; thus, we prescribed clonazepam as a muscle relaxant and anxiolytic. Following this treatment, the intractable breakthrough pain was dramatically relieved.
Clonazepam, which has both muscle relaxant and anxiolytic effects, might be helpful in mitigating pain, associated anxiety, and muscle spasms due to vertebral compression fractures.

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