Relapsed/refractory peripheral T cell-lymphomas (PTCL) have a poor prognosis. We aimed at assessing efficacy of ifosfamide, carboplatin, etoposide (ICE) regimen, a known therapeutic option, to which we added brentuximab-vedotin (BV).
In this study, we retrospectively analyzed patients with PTCL treated with BV-ICE in our center between July 2014 and March 2018.
Fourteen patients received BV-ICE. Median age was 62 years (range, 31-73). Main histological subtypes were PTCL not otherwise specified (29%), angioimmunoblastic T-cell (21%), follicular-T helper (21%) or anaplastic large-cell (15%) lymphomas, all were CD30 positive. Overall response was seen in four (29%) patients, and complete response (CR) in two (14%). Most frequent adverse events were infections, and cytopenia. Two-year progression-free and overall survival were 14% and 17.5%.
Patients with relapsed/refractory PTCL treated with BV-ICE can achieve CR, but few had a sustained response. This association should preferably be used as a bridge to stem cell transplant or be followed by maintenance therapy.

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