: Describe the extent to which concussion education provided to coaches of US high school and youth sport is inclusive of information necessary for them to engage in target behaviors related to the prevention, identification and management of concussion.: Sport organizations included in the sample were US state high school governing bodies and national governing bodies (NGBs) for youth sports with the highest concussion incidence rates. The concussion education resources made available online for coaches by these organizations were coded for content relevant to concussion prevention, identification and management.: All but one state high school governing body required coach concussion education, two NGBs required coach education, seven recommended it and only one did not require or recommend it. All educational materials covered at least 84% (n = 16/19) of the relevant knowledge domains.: Existing concussion education for coaches is addressing most, but not all, topics that may help coaches engage in concussion prevention, identification and management. Additional program development work is warranted to augment educational content related to coach communication about concussion safety with athletes and parents. Content appropriateness notwithstanding, further research is needed to understand the acceptability, efficacy, and implementation of concussion education for coaches.