Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive, life-threatening, genetic disease which mainly damages the lungs and the digestive system. It’s a complex medical condition, with several individual forms and variation in the symptoms severity. Few factors such as age of establishing the diagnosis, the number and the type of infections and their management, best treatment options, comorbid conditions etc. can influence the patient’s overall health, disease progression and quality of life. Many CF patients will reach adulthood, so coping with the chronic disease is very important for the overall health and everyday living.
To screen the quality of life in CF patients in the Republic of Macedonia, from the parent perspective.
In the study we have included 55 parents of CF patients. We have created a questionnaire, specially designed for this survey, with questions related to their everyday coping with CF and quality of life.
The majority of the parents refer to the overall typical social and emotional life of their children, addressing some difficulties concerning the financial aspect of the disease and still significantly having fear from the stigma in the society.
CF patients and their families in the Republic of Macedonia must overcome many obstacles on daily basis. Despite that, they can still have full and meaningful lives.