The objective of this study was to retrospectively compare imaging techniques with histopathological findings from bone biopsy.
Imaging techniques such as X-Ray, CT scan and MRI where compared with the histopathological findings from bone biopsy, in a population of 64 patients with bone tumors, with 64.1% of males and an age range of 5 to 79 years.
Histologically, 39.1% were malignant bone tumors, while 60.9% were benign. The X-ray showed 90% of diagnostic accuracy, with sensitivity of 92.9%, specificity of 87.5%, positive predictive value of 86.7% and negative predictive value of 93.3%. CT scan presented 75.9% of diagnostic accuracy, with 84.6, 68.8, and 84.6% of sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value, respectively. The MRI documented a diagnostic accuracy of 95.1%, with 94.4% os sensitivity, 95.7% of specificity, 94.4% of positive predictive value and 95.7% for negative predictive value. This showed a great agreement between the histology findings and those within the X-Ray and MRI (K = 0.8 and 0.9, respectively), but doesnt depreciate the value of bone biopsy in diagnosis of bone tumors.
This data showed good correlation between imagenological and histopatologic techniques.