SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19. Studies have shown that the expression of ACE2 was found in the smaller salivary glands was higher than that in the lungs, suggesting that salivary glands may be a potential target of the virus. This may indicate that one of the main gateways to coronavirus infection is the oral cavity.
This review intended to evaluate the comorbidities of the oral cavity and their relationships to COVID-19 and to show the benefits of homeopathic therapies as adjuvant treatments to increase oral and general health and mitigate the devastating effects of the coronavirus.
The authors conducted a narrative review of articles published in indexed journals and websites of dental institutions and the WHO. They were selected oral pathological manifestations, sleep disorders, mood, orofacial pain and bruxism, associated with the oral-facial manifestations of Covid-19 and articles of evidence of homeopathy in dentistry.
Study done in Brazil with research professors in Homeopathy and Periodontics in universities.
Some studies report that patients who are more susceptible to anxiety and stress during the pandemic, due to social confinement, may have disorders in the stomatognathic system such as: neuralgic pain in the face and teeth, fractures of teeth and dental prostheses, nibbled mucosa, stomatitis, ulcers, pain in the Temporal Mandibular Joint, otalgias, dental tightening, bruxism, xerostomia, peeling of the mucous membranes and skin, facial paralysis.
The researchers concluded that homeopathy is a safe and viable therapy for the control of COVID-19 symptoms, as scientific evidence has proven its benefits through clinical trials and use in previous epidemics. In dentistry, this therapy allows the dentist to act fully in the promotion of oral health and in the prevention of oral and systemic diseases.