Cutaneous reactions after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines have been reported but are not well characterized.
To evaluate morphology and timing of cutaneous reactions after mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.
A provider-facing registry-based study collected cases of cutaneous manifestations after COVID-19 vaccination.
From December 2020-February 2021, we recorded 414 cutaneous reactions to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna (83%) and Pfizer (17%). Delayed large local reactions were most common, followed by local injection site reactions, urticarial eruptions, and morbilliform eruptions. Forty-three percent of patients with first dose reactions experienced second dose recurrence.
Registry analysis does not measure incidence. Morphologic misclassification is possible.
We report a spectrum of cutaneous reactions after COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Most patients with first dose reactions did not develop a second dose reaction, and no patients in the registry developed serious adverse events after the first or second dose. These data provide reassurance to patients and providers.

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