Chronic disease management models in primary care have demonstrated significant benefits to the patient experience and patient health outcomes. In trying to prepare for the future, with or without COVID-19 implications, dental providers and clinics are facing opportunities to add value, consider alternative payment models, and to incorporate risk stratification and population health management along with medical systems. However, as alternative payment models emerge in dentistry, stand-alone dental clinics may face unique challenges in trying to prepare for the future while still providing patient care in the fee for service environment. This article focuses on a 6-months pilot project of how implementing a comprehensive caries disease management care model, evaluating caries risk, and implementing risk stratification strategies can prepare dental offices for future payment models and inclusion in the greater health system. There are two overall goals for this pilot. First, applying a caries disease management protocol to every patient visit, regardless of reimbursement. Second, applying quality improvement (QI) principles to change how a dental office approaches care delivery. The Institute of Medicine defines quality in healthcare as a direct correlation between the level of improved health services and the desired health outcomes of individuals and populations.
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