In order to solve the problem of continuous monitoring and automatic regulation of patient airbag pressure in intensive care unit, the study designed an intelligent management system of artificial airway airbag pressure. It can realize real-time monitoring and automatic control of airbag pressure. Its pressure data was sent to the PC in real time by the serial port. It can realize the display, store, review and analysis of pressure data. Its clinical application effect was discussed. Experiments showed that the system can monitor airbag pressure in real time and control the pressure to stabilize at 25~30 cmHO. Compared with the control group, the experimental group had a statistically significant difference in the operation time of monitoring patients’ airbag pressure, changes in airbag pressure, the instantaneous maximum value during nursing operation, and the number of aspiration and reflux cases. The clinical application of the system can reduce the workload of medical staff greatly, effectively reduce the number of patients with aspiration and reflux, reduce the incidence of ventilator pneumonia.