The emergence and rapid expansion of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) require the development of effective countermeasures especially a vaccine to provide active acquired immunity against the virus. This study presented a comprehensive vaccinomics approach applied to the complete protein data published so far in the National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) coronavirus data hub. We identified non-structural protein 8 (Nsp8), 3C-like proteinase, and spike glycoprotein as potential targets for immune responses to COVID-19. Epitopes prediction illustrated both B-cell and T-cell epitopes associated with the mentioned proteins. The shared B and T-cell epitopes: DRDAAMQRK and QARSEDKRA of Nsp8, EDMLNPNYEDL and EFTPFDVVR of 3C-like proteinase, and VNNSYECDIPI of the spike glycoprotein are regions of high potential interest and have a high likelihood of being recognized by the human immune system. The vaccine construct of the epitopes shows stimulation of robust primary immune responses and high level of interferon gamma. Also, the construct has the best conformation with respect to the tested innate immune receptors involving vigorous molecular mechanics and solvation energy. Designing of vaccination strategies that target immune response focusing on these conserved epitopes could generate immunity that not only provide cross protection across Betacoronaviruses but additionally resistant to virus evolution.
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