Appropriate perinatal bereavement care can benefit bereaved parents and reduce further distress. Poor training can impact healthcare professionals (HCPs) at a personal and professional-level. HCPs have reported poor preparation to care for bereaved parents. High-quality perinatal bereavement care training is essential. This study describes the TEARDROP workshop for perinatal bereavement care training, an evaluation of its pilot and first workshop, and the teaching methods applied. The TEARDROP workshop was created in line with the Irish National Bereavement Standards, and based on the SCORPIO model of teaching, offering a participant-centred teaching. Both pilot session and workshop were held in a tertiary maternity hospital. Paper-based anonymous questionnaires were used to evaluate these sessions. Overall, participants were highly satisfied with the workshop. The level of information and quality of teaching in the pilot and workshop scored very high. Most participants stated not being adequately prepared to communicate or care for bereaved parents. The pre-workshop evaluation showed that only 8% of participants received prior training on discussing post-mortems with bereaved parents. Participants (100%) would recommend the workshop be available nationally and would recommend it to a colleague. To our knowledge this is one of few participant-centred perinatal bereavement care training for maternity staff in Ireland. The workshop has been well received and results highlighted the relevance and importance of the TEARDROP programme for HCPs. Adequate training for all maternity staff is essential and TEARDROP has the potential to impact on the quality of bereavement care provided in Irish maternity units.
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