Proliferative activity examined by Ki67 labeling index (LI) plays pivotal role for managing gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumor (GI-NET). Few reports indicated the intra-patient heterogeneity of Ki67-LI among metastatic tumor sites. We report a case of brain and orbital metastases from GI-NET that showed discrepancy of the Ki67-LI. A 71 year-old woman who was diagnosed as GI-NET with liver and bone metastases and performed medical therapy, had headache, right exophthalmos, and pain of right eye and was referred to our department. Magnetic resonance image revealed that tumors in the left occipital region and right orbit. We diagnosed as metastatic brain and orbital tumors from GI-NET. Surgical removal of both symptomatic lesions was performed and the diagnosis was pathologically confirmed. Immunohistochemical studies revealed the discrepancy of the Ki67-LI of the lesions (brain tumor: 8% versus orbital tumor: 22%). Sampling of multiple metastatic sites may prevent underestimate tumor proliferative activity.
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