This study evaluates the difference of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) costs in patients with similar preoperative characteristics operated on using the da Vinci SP and Xi robotic platforms. We performed a retrospective analysis on 71 consecutive patients with prostate cancer who underwent RARP with the SP robot between June 2019 and April 2020. Propensity score (PS) matching was performed and 71 patients were selected from a cohort of 875 who underwent RARP with the Xi robot in the same period. We divided the total expense per surgery into the cost of disposable materials, robotic instruments (initial purchasing cost divided by the number of “lives”), and operative room costs. Only variable costs are included in this study, as fixed costs do not vary between procedures and are the same for both cohorts. Fixed costs include anesthesia, pathology, surgeon, and hospitalization fees. The median total cost for SP-RARP was $5586 ($5360-$5982) USD and $4875 ($4661-$5093) USD with the XI for a median cost difference of $707 ($584-$832) (P < 0.001). The median cost of disposables for the SP was $1877 ($1588-$2193) USD and for the Xi $1527 ($1407-$1781) USD, P < 0.001. Non-disposable instruments cost per case (fixed cost) was $1610 and $1270 USD for the SP and Xi, respectively. The cost of radical prostatectomy in the SP cohort is higher than the Xi cohort. The greater price was primarily due to the increased cost of instruments and disposable materials. In our experience, the lack of GelPOINT and space maker is also crucial factors to decrease the SP total cost.
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